Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome, Millie!

I'm still working on getting the Europe travel journal and pictures ready to post. It's taking me a lot longer than I had expected, but I think the end result will be worth the work. In the meantime, we have added a new member to our family. Her name is Millie, and this Friday she'll be two months old. I'm going to post one of her adorable new puppy pictures, though, because it's so cute. She was only five weeks old when we got her. Her mother is a young, smallish Great Dane (about the size of an Irish Setter), and her daddy is a traveling salesman. It's suspected that he may be Australian Shepherd. Millie looks like a Great Dane in body shape, face, and coloring. She's adorable and although she is a LOT of work, we're enjoying her. She keeps me company while I'm typing all day long. I'll use the blog for updates and new photos.