Friday, January 25, 2008

Zoey walks!!!

The kids were over last night for a little while. We had such a good time watching Zoey zooming around the living room. She's been gradually walking more and more, gaining confidence and balance. I took two small video clips with my still camera, so I'm going to try to post them and see what happens. (I think you'll have to click on the "play" arrows twice to activate the videos.) As you can see, we are enjoying this little girl's every new achievement. This grandparenting thing is awesome!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007 and Zoey's 1st birthday

We had a wonderful Christmas! Besides seeing the holidays through the eyes of our first grandchild, Zoey, we also had the pleasure of having family come to town. My sister, Lisa, husband Bob, children Erin and Kyle, and Erin's boyfriend Maury, spent four great days here, and Dave's dad, Don, spent a week getting reaquainted with his granddaughter. We packed as much as we could into the days we had together. Of course, the main attraction of the Christmas visit was Zoey, and as you can see below, Lisa was in baby heaven. Zoey loved all the extra attention. In fact, once everyone had gone home after Christmas, she was quite unhappy as things returned to normal. But she soon became preoccupied with new things in her life, like taking her first steps, learning baby sign language, and figuring out that all those vowels and consonants can be used for communication. Naturally, I think she's a genius!

Three days after Christmas, Zoey celebrated her first birthday. Jenni made a 3-layer cake, reserving the top layer for Zoey to dissect. Zoey had never had sweets before, so she wasn't too sure what to do with the cake, and she didn't really love the taste. By the time she was finished digging into it, she was covered in chocolate, and Jenni just scooped her up and plopped her into the tub, clothes and all. Of course, the adults had much more fun watching her than the birthday girl herself.
Zoey's birthday was also Millie's 5-month birthday, so I thought I'd include a picture of the growing girl, too. She's still very sweet but is still very much a puppy, only now she's so big it's hard to remember how young she really is. She'll be spayed on Jan. 14, and we're hoping she might begin to settle down a bit. She has almost all her "big girl" teeth now, so when she teethes on our hands and arms, we have to encourage her to be gentle. If she gets excited and starts biting, it's like an attack from "Jaws". She's about 50 pounds and lives for mealtimes.
Check Flickr for lots of new pictures!