Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leo family Christmas newsletter 2012

L to R: Dave Cribbs, Jenni Cribbs holding Sam, Zoey Cribbs, Tony Leo holding Ruby Cribbs, Mona Leo holding Maggie Cribbs, Erika Wiese holding Etta with Leo Wiese in front, Josh Wiese
Dear precious family and friends,                             December 2012

It seems I was just sitting down to write last year’s letter. Time goes more and more quickly with the passing years, doesn’t it? We hope you’ve all had a good year with far more joys than sorrows. Our year has really been quite uneventful, except for......

The birth of our newest grandchild! When I wrote last year’s letter, we didn’t even know there would be a new baby this year. Samuel David Cribbs, Jenni’s and Dave’s fourth child, was born Oct. 8 (what would have been my dear Grammy’s 116th birthday), 12 days early but weighing a solid 8 lbs 3 oz. Sam has already carved a place in all our hearts, particularly those of his 3 older sisters. He’s a little doll and we couldn’t be happier with our quiver of 6 wonderful grandangels!

Our oldest grandchild, Zoey Cribbs (who will turn 6 on Dec. 28), started kindergarten this year and is doing great in her dual language program. Part of her day is spent in a regular English-speaking class, and part is spent in a Spanish immersion class. It won’t be too long before she’s bilingual. Zoey is also active in AWANA Sparks at church, Sunday School, and extracurricular ballet and gymnastics. And.....she recently learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Hooray for Zoey!!

Our grandson, Leo Wiese (4 1/3), is also busy with Sunday School and preschool at his church. He’s a sweet, tender little guy with an inquisitive mind and an almost photographic memory. If you ever want something remembered, tell Leo and then forget about it because he doesn’t forget anything! Leo has also learned to ride without training wheels, impressive for 4 years old!!

Ruby Cribbs (3¾) is our resident “class clown”, very funny and smart with a unique, quirky sense of style. We’re contemplating writing a book of “Rubyisms”! Ruby started AWANA Cubbies this year and she enjoys Sunday School and dance class.

Etta Wiese (2 on January 7) is our “wild woman”. She’s bursting with energy and is very verbal and social. She’s tall for her age and acts so maturely we call her “2-going-on-20”. It’s fun to watch Etta interact with her younger (by 10 days!) cousin, Maggie.

Maggie Cribbs (2 on January 17), is our cuddle bug. She is a sweet, huggable little girl who chatters and sings all day long. She has lots to say, although much of it is still unintelligible, but she’s very earnest with her delivery. And she absolutely adores “her” Sammy!

Jenni, Dave, Erika, and Josh are doing great. The guys continue to enjoy their respective jobs and the girls love mothering their children. They are the best parents Tony and I could ever have hoped for, and we continue to learn from them.

Tony and I enjoy retirement more and more every day. We have the freedom to spend time with our kids and grandkids, and we’ve been able to do some traveling. In February we visited family in Jacksonville, FL, bringing Jenni and her 3 girls along this time. Lisa and Bob were wonderfully gracious as usual, never skipping a beat even with 6 extra bodies staying in their home. Zoey, Ruby, and Maggie had their first beach experience and loved it....well, Maggie was unimpressed but the other 2 had a blast. In July Tony and I spent a week on Topsail Island, NC, enjoying the beach and the company of my dear best friend since 3rd grade, Jan Brown, and her husband Bob, who live in nearby Hampstead. This was our official retirement frolic as Jan, the last of us to retire, finished up her last year of teaching shortly before our trip. It was the perfect vacation, one we would love to repeat again soon. Then in early October I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend at Disney World in Orlando with some treasured high school friends. We had an absolute blast sharing memories and making new ones. It was a weekend I’ll never forget. Love you Deb, Terry, Bobbie, Terry, and Betty!

So, as we approach 2013 with all its expected challenges, we hold fast to the truth that our gracious eternal Father is still on His throne and has our future well under control. Whatever comes, He is faithful to stay with us and help us get through the rough times, and He is ever present in the good times as well. How blessed we are! May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and abundantly blessed New Year.

With much love,


 Leo, Papa holding Sam with Ruby in front, Grammy holding Etta and Maggie, Zoey
Ruby, Maggie, Zoey with Sam, Etta, Leo
This was one of our fun impromptu pics. Someone--probably Papa--told the kids to show their bellies, and they were only happy to comply.  But poor Maggie was wearing a Onesie, and she spent several minutes trying to figure out how to pick up her top to show her belly.  Sweet baby!