Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Leo cracks up!!

As promised, here is the anticipated video of the cutest little boy in the world, belly laughing at his Mommy. Erika caught Leo at such a great moment when he was totally responsive to his toys. If this doesn't cause you to at least crack a smile, you must be an Obama voter. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And now we are 9!!

Our most recent family addition came Saturday, 3/21/09, at 1:06 p.m. Beautiful Ruby Ellen Cribbs came into the world weighing 8 lbs 8 oz, 21 1/4" long, tons of jet black hair, pretty as a precious jewel. We already adore her. Zoey took to her right away and constantly wants to hold and love her. So, the Leo clan is up to 9: Tony and me; Jenni, Dave, Zoey, and Ruby; and Erika, Josh, and Leo. We were all together last night at the Cribbs casa for pizza and get-acquainted time, and it was so much fun having a houseful of family, especially the 3 little ones. Leo entertained everyone with his 6 1/2-month-old antics, particularly bouncing like a marionette in his jumper seat suspended from the doorway. Zoey jabbered continually in her precious toddler voice, and Ruby enchanted everyone by just being there. We are so thankful to God for providing another wonderful, healthy child, and we welcome Ruby with loving and guiding arms. Zoey has been hard at work, practicing to be a big sister. Dave and Jenni have prepared her very well, and she has pretty good comprehension for someone just shy of 27 months of age. To help things along, Papa and Grammy gave her a new baby doll in an infant carrier ("carseat" in Zoeyspeak), and she knew exactly what to do. She made sure the baby was securely fastened in the seat, swiveled the handle just so, and carried the baby up and down the sidewalk like a pro. Back inside, she got out some books and started reading to the baby. Oh, yeah -- she's going to be a GREAT big sister!!! Meanwhile, retiree Tony has been channeling his inner lumberjack. For 34 1/2 years, he maintained his corporate image at IBM, staying crisp and clean shaven. We had always wondered what he'd look like with a beard, so he decided there was no time like the present to find out. It wasn't exactly a disaster, but we all (especially Zoey!) decided he looked and felt better without it. Here are the before and after pictures. I'm sure everyone will agree the after is far preferable to the before, and now it's out of his system. Stay tuned for next month's Tony and Mona 35th anniversary installment! Also, if I can get it from Erika, there will be a hilarious and adorable video of Leo belly laughing hysterically while being entertained by his fun and creative mommy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Move over, Tiger Woods ! (or Wayne Gretzky)

So Zoey stayed with us overnight last weekend to give Jenni and Dave a chance for some alone time before their family increases to 4 very soon. I had seen a little golf set at Wal-Mart and bought it for something new to do at Grammy's and Papa's. Zo took right to it and was doing pretty well until I made the mistake of telling her to "hit" the ball with the club. I forgot that 2-year-olds take everything literally. Our putting game became more of a hockey match, but she had a blast. We also went to my friend Fran's to feed the sheep.

As you can see, Zoey isn't the least bit afraid of them. The sheep are gentle and take the bread with their lips (?) rather than their teeth. We've done this so many times that Zoey knows several of them by name.

Our precious 6-month-old grandson, Leo, is now able to sit by himself for long periods of time. He's a happy boy, now that his perspective on the world has been raised up a notch. He was over 18 pounds at his 6-month checkup, and the doctor added rice cereal to his steady diet of Mommy's milk. He is the sweetest, most content baby!

It looks like spring is here in Texas at last. We could definitely use some rain, but it's so pleasant that we have the windows wide open day and night. Some prankster must have scattered weed seeds around the neighborhood, though, because we are all fighting a losing battle against dandelions, clover, and other indestructible flora. Tony always thought we should tear up the lawn and put down green asphalt, anyway. Maybe this year.........

By the way, if anyone is interested in buying our 2006 350Z roadster, this is the perfect time. The price is right, and it's definitely top down weather. Tony and I have decided to try living with just 1 car now that he's retired and I'm working from home. It will save money and give us more room in the garage. It's a great car and we've enjoyed it so much, but the Suburban is infinitely more practical. Besides, Millie hated riding in the trunk of the Z!

Probably the next time I'll post will be after little Cribby's arrival, so stay tuned. It shouldn't be too much longer. Please pray for a safe, easy delivery and a healthy baby. Thanks!