Saturday, April 24, 2010

My super-amazing 60th birthday celebration!

Yes, I'm officially a member of Club 60.  It stung a bit at first, but after a few weeks I'm finding the impact has softened and it's not so painful.  After all, everyone knows 60 is the new 40.  It's just a number.  I can remember when people who were 60 were OLD.   Not anymore.  I don't feel like I feel 60, but then maybe this is what 60 is supposed to feel like.  I dunno. 

Most everyone already knows that my sisters Lisa and Alix gave me a wonderful surprise birthday week in Florida, which included a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas.  I would blog about it and add pictures, but Alix has beaten me to it and done a more than fantastic job on her own blog.  At the end of this post, I'll post the link to her blog so you can enjoy our trip at your leisure.  Alix is the best storyteller I know, and I promise you'll enjoy the journey.

So, 4 days after I returned to Texas, my sweet daughters gave me a birthday party for family and friends here.  When Jenni and Erika first approached us with the idea for the party, they intended to make it a garden/block-type party in our front yard so neighbors and friends could come and go as they pleased.  We had 2 glorious weeks of lovely, sunny weather, perfect for such a setting.  Of course, the morning of the party it poured down rain, rendering the yard a soggy mess.  Plan B.....the party moved inside.  Our house isn't large, but with a little creative furniture moving we were able to handle the 30+ guests without too much difficulty.  And the kids did such a wonderful job!  I've often told them they should go into business together as event planners because they're so gifted--Jenni's the organizer and Erika's very creative; both have such great ideas.  But they don't like the fact that most events take place on weekends, when they spend quality family time.  Maybe some day.

The photos I've posted here are from my camera, taken before the party started.  During the party I had no time for pictures as I tried to visit with each guest.  But our friend Lee Hinton took tons of photos, so as soon as I get my hands on them, I'll put them on Flickr and add a link to this post.  ps:  Here they are!!!  Flickr photos  Enjoy!!!

The top picture is actually a 4' x 6' banner that Josh made at work from an old portrait of me at 2 years old.  We hung it on one of the living room walls.

Then there was the food!  Wow, did the girls do a wonderful job!  They had all my favorites, and everything was devoured in short order.  Chips and artichoke/spinach dip, blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, M&Ms, nuts....yummy!
And of course, my favorite......bakery cake with lots and lots of frosting!  There was a lovely white cake with white frosting, and a decadent "Death By Chocolate" masterpiece.  We also had the famous Leo family "shower cookies" which are only made for very special occasions, as they are fussy.

Then there were wonderful, festive decorations and flowers, and even some gifts, although guests were instructed not to bring them.  There were tons of cards with sweet wishes, and I'm still enjoying reading them.  There's no question this has been the best birthday I've ever had, in every way.
Now, for the great Bahamas adventure, click here and start with the April 8 post.  The series includes posts from the day I arrived in Florida to the day I left, with the cruise sandwiched in between.  I hope you enjoy our antics as much as we did!