Monday, September 22, 2008

Warski Women Take New York By Storm!

I had planned on writing a large journal entry about our wonderful NY trip, but my sister Alix, blogger extraordinaire, got to it first. Hers is so good I'm mainly going to just defer to it, I did post a bunch of photos on Flickr, though, which pretty much go along with Alix's chronicle. Basically, my sister Lisa and I planned a surprise trip to NY as a 50th birthday gift for Alix, and happily, our cousin Pat joined the fun. The surprise was a total success, and we sisters and cousins enjoyed each other thoroughly for three full days. Do visit Alix's blog for the whole narrative. It's long but very enjoyable, particularly because it's from Alix's perspective, and she reveals the multiple surprises as they were revealed to her. The weekend left all four of us hungry for more bonding time, so I have a feeling we'll be planning another trip together in the near future.