Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Over hill, over dale.....

I had a lovely post prepared to showcase sweet grandson Leo's latest endeavors, but it turns out the video clips I was planning to share were too long to upload. And being the technological dunce I am, I have no idea how to edit them. So I'll adjust the text and just add some recent photos of the little cutie pie, who will be 10 months old Saturday. Leo is getting very mobile. He can pull himself up and stand holding on, and he can crawl or get up on hands and feet if he chooses. Until recently, his preferred method of getting from point A to point B was the Army crawl, and one of the videos I had intended to post documented his scooting. Looking at the picture above will have to suffice to give an idea, but you'll have to imagine him in motion. He's as quick as a little garter snake. Time to childproof the house!!

Leo has been swimming in our pool twice now, and although he's still not quite sure it's his favorite thing, he seems to enjoy his time in the water. Erika dunks him under a couple of times to get him accustomed to holding his breath, and he does great. He has a very sturdy kick, so I think once he spends some more time swimming, he'll enjoy kicking and splashing in the warm water. Yes, it's already so hot here that the pool water is beyond refreshing. But it's a lovely temperature for a little one.

Leo is very adept at blowing raspberries -- he's teething quite heartily, and making zerberts must feel good on his gums. He puffs out his adorable little lips, sticks his tongue partially out, and blows bubbles. And of course once he gets going and has a positive reaction, he keeps right on blowing. This is such an enjoyable age. Everyone should have one of these little guys. But not this one! He's all mine!!!