Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Grammy, Hello Bammy!

Ever since we first found out Jenni was pregnant with Zoey, I considered the special name possibilities my grandchildren would call me.  The best case scenario, in my opinion, is when the children choose their own names for special people in their lives.  But we had to have a starting point, so I selected "Grammy" as my grandmother name--the name I had always called my beloved Grandmother Nehlad.  As each grandchild came along, he or she would go through metamorphoses of Grammy: Dimi, Mimi, Dammy, Gammy, and--most recently--Bammy.  It was little Maggie who coined the name "Bammy", and it seems to have stuck.  Pretty much everyone calls me Bammy now, so I'm announcing to the world that it's Bammy from this point forward.

Unless one of the kids decides differently.

Bammy's treasures
 Etta, almost 2 1/2
 Zoey, 6 1/2
 Maggie, almost 2 1/2
Sam, 8 1/2 months
 Leo, almost 5
Ruby, 4 1/4