Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like mother, like daughter

Christmas 32 years ago our precious younger daughter, Erika, was 10 months old.  Here are a couple of old, fuzzy, scanned pictures of Erika and her older sister, Jenni, from Christmas 1980.  By the way, the crib was mine from 1950.  We refinished it for Erika because 20-month-old Jenni wasn't ready for a big girl bed when Erika arrived. 

Being quite a sentimental mom (a.k.a., packrat), I saved a few of the girls' special outfits from their infancy, one of which is the tiny Christmas dress.  It just happened to fit Erika's daughter, sweet little 11 1/2-month-old Etta, and she wore it for her first Christmas as well.

 I wonder if the little dress will last long enough for Etta's daughter to wear it?