Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random videos: cuteness, fun, and aerospace trials....

I rarely post videos, probably because I rarely take videos.  Being an O.P. (Old Person, an endearment attributed to Sweetie White from back in our Jacksonville days), I often forget about anything other than still photographs, even though I do love technology and really need to remember that my little point-and-shoot camera does indeed record videos.  In no particular order, here are a few  I hope you'll enjoy.

Happy 4th birthday to Leo, Kanakuk style (8-27-12)

As most of you know, our Cribbies spend 3 months of every year--mid May through mid August--at Kanakuk Kamps K-7 near Branson, MO.  Dave serves as an assistant director while Jenni runs the business office.  The little ones have an awesome time enjoying God's creation while being cared for by carefully selected babysitters provided by the kamp.  The kids return home every August full of stories, songs, and routines learned at kamp, including a very special way to celebrate birthdays. 

Tony's stability test (9-1-12)

As long as I've known him, Tony has enjoyed building model rockets.  After a long dry spell of "rocketlessness", he has started building again.  I think much of his recent motivation has been our grandkids, who are gradually becoming very interested in Papa's projects--especially since he started putting M&Ms and other candy into the payload section, to be shared by all of them after the soaring rocket returns to earth.  This particular rocket (above) has given Tony some stability problems, and I recently caught him performing a successful stability test out on the driveway.  I think we'll be ready for another launch very soon.  Video to follow--if I remember to do it!

Rocket launch (10-15-11)

Launch days are great family fun. Here is a video of one we did last fall with all the kids. It was their first launch, and they really enjoyed it--especially the M&Ms surprise afterward!

Maggie laughs! (9-11-12)

Ruby has the uncanny ability to make Maggie absolutely crack up, the little ham.  I love her fake laugh toward the end!

**And watch soon for my coming post which will follow a very eagerly anticipated trip to Disney World Oct. 5-8. Some long-time favorite high school girlfriends are meeting for a weekend of fun at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to post when I get home.