Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leo's 3rd birthday celebration!!!

The birthday boy enjoyed every minute of his family party!
 Sister Etta had a good time watching all the activity from her Grandpa Joe's arms.
 The excitement was nearly too much for Zoey, who lifted her cousin off the floor to give him a birthday hug!
 Sweet Ruby doesn't like it when we take too many pictures of her, so I'm thrilled with this treasure.
 Miss Maggie is very cuddly and had a good time on Grandpa Joe's lap.
 Zoey and Baba (Grandma Kit)  playing "Fight Footies!!" brought back a flood of memories. When we were children, my sister Lisa and I used to play this on our beds at night when we were supposed to be sleeping.
 Leo was telling Zoey how happy he was that she was helping celebrate his birthday.  I'm not making this up!
The Wiese 4 getting ready to blow out Leo's candles. What a fun family time!!